C. Bernard

Crimes against humanity in Canada: Poisoning with attempt to homicide and multiple acts of persecution.

In 2018 while Canada was defending the rights to life by denouncing the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, ironically I had been unknowingly poisoned by officials in the service of the Canadian government for several years. The poisoning was intended to cause me several diseases and health problems to perform illegal experimental practices with intent to homicide simulating it as the result of an incurable disease.

I suffered acts of poisoning for more than 5 years in Nova Scotia. I knew that after I left Canada in 2019 because slowly and gradually all the health problems that had afflicted me were disappearing. These health problems do not disappear just because you change country or environment.

In about 2014 I started having serious health problems. A supposed endometrial cancer appeared accompanied by persistent urinary infections with blood loss in the urine, strong pain in the lower back and abdomen, problems getting up from a squatting position, having to sleep sitting up because in a horizontal position I felt I was going to faint. In the last couple of years in Canada, dizziness appeared at high altitudes, even when I saw images taken from heights on film. A double bladder that I didn't have also appeared.

Distrusting some of the Canadian doctors saved my life. Dr. Sarah Cosh of Liverpool, NS (family doctor) and Dr. Steven Owen of Bridgewater, NS (a very disreputable gynecologist) were the ones who were supposed to supervise my health and were responsible for the invasive and experimental practices that I refused to perform. When I was sent to Dr. Owen, this doctor, without doing any previous tests, insisted that I had to have a scraping done to obtain a sample for a biopsy. This made me quite suspicious. When I returned to Dr. Cosh, she asked me about nutritional supplements that could "interfere" with her treatment, but I still had and no results of any test. She told me I had endometrial cancer and insisted that I have the invasive test done; this made me even more suspicious. Since I needed to constantly take antibiotics to relieve the urinary infection with blood in my urine, I noticed that someone was allowing her to prescribe antibiotics in exchange for the invasive test. I soon left Dr. Cosh and Dr. Owen.

As I am a biologist, I started searching online for scientific papers with medicinal plants that had phytochemicals with anti-cancer endometrial properties and found Thunder God Vine which proved to be very effective and saved my life in addition to not accepting invasive practices. While I was living in Canada I could not stop taking this supplement without my symptoms returning in less than a week. As it is difficult to get prescriptions for antibiotics in Canada, when I stopped taking antibiotics the infections would return after 10 days, so I got online batches of various veterinary antibiotics as the drug is the same for both humans and animals. When I went to the hospitals to get antibiotics, some doctors suggested I go see Dr. Owen. I also took cranberry juice and extracts to help prevent urinary tract infections. The abdominal and back pain I would relieve by cooling down for several hours without freezing. About 2 years ago before I left Canada I suffered from a state of intoxication with itching all over my body without having changed anything in my diet and daily life. As the local hospitals were not solving anything, I went to see a Chinese doctor in Montreal who, without I telling him nothing, he took my pulse and in less than 5 minutes described all the symptoms and diagnosed intoxication which he cured in less than 1 month with Chinese medicinal herbs.

I suspect that the chemical and biological compounds to poison me were placed in my dietary supplement capsules that I took. Periodically, clandestine raids were conducted in my home in which the door was opened and closed without me being noticed. During the raids, general raids were carried out and my computer files were also searched, even though they were password protected, but nothing could ever be found to incriminate me.

For everything that happened to me, enforceman officer Ian William Creaser and his team are responsible. Mr. Creaser, like the members of his team, is a thief, he is Machiavellian and he is a criminal. For them there is no lock or password that can resist them. They knew when we were not at home, because the first Chrysler vehicle was fitted with a silent tracking device and the second Chrysler vehicle came from factory with a satellite tracking device attached to the chassis. With those tracking devices they monitored us and thus knew all our movements.

At some point when I have a meeting with Mr. Creaser, he shows me pictures on his cell phone of a shantytown and tells me it's Nicaragua, and pointing to one of the houses, he tells me it's the house of Noriega...! Also Mr. Creaser was trying to link me to terrorism and drug trafficking, but he never found any evidence, because I was not linked to any criminal organization. I suppose that gave him the excuse to follow all our steps and be able to carry out clandestine raids where I lived. I knew about those raids because objects always disappeared and I found modified files on my computer.

When in February 2019, I left Canada to live in Spain, I noticed that slowly my health and my general condition began to improve. I noticed that because at the beginning I could stop taking the Thunder God Vine and that it took more than a month before I had to take it again, that the urinary infections with blood loss in the urine were disappearing and it has been more than 6 months since I have had to take anything else. The abdominal and back pains disappeared completely, although the dizziness didn't disappear completel but it improved a lot. Also, shortly before I left Canada, exacerbated wrinkles appeared on my arms and face with signs of accelerated premature aging that were disappearing after I left. For all these results, there is no doubt that someone was poisoning me and that this is not the work of an amateur.

In addition to Mr. Creaser and his team of criminals, I suspect that the Pierce Fishery in Lockeport, NS was behind it. Here it is worth noting that those who are not relatives in Nova Scotia are friends and that in the end everything stays in the family.

I also suspect the Pierce Fishery because among the moving packages there was a box with shoes which disappeared from our house, so it never arrived at its destination and as a signature, they put in one of my suitcases a pair of boots to which they took off the soles, which I had used to go to the Fishery once.

At one time I had been hired at Fishery to count scallops because someone wanted to know the reality and what better than to hire someone who knows nothing about the place. There I discovered lots of acts of corruption such as not counting scallops under 10 grams, drawing data, an employee who could leave several hours before the end of her shift. The most striking thing was that I found out that the Fishery was sending fishing boats thousands of miles away (why?), to the coast of Argentina, to catch tiny scallops that they stored in containers with layers of good-sized scallops on top to hide the looting and destruction of the resources of the Argentine Sea. Scallops caught outside of Canada were not inspected by Canadian authorities. When they arrived at the Fishery, the normal scallops were immediately separated from the small ones. The normal scallops were mixed with scallops caught in Canadian waters that were marketed as Nova Scotia scallops and the small scallops were mixed with scallops less than 10 grams caught in Nova Scotia and all were marketed as Argentinean scallops. In this way, Mr. Pierce, by destroying the natural resources of another country, was profiting from its corruption.

When I was living in Nova Scotia I suffered multiple acts of persecution and a strange accident with a vehicle that had regular maintenance and had had its 4-wheel brakes changed about 2 months ago. Details with photos can be seen at:


As another one of their Machiavellian acts, they had the great idea of buying an Argentine traitor (my ex) who sold himself to them in exchange for being allowed to pass through the United States discs full of pirated movies and for being allowed to sell books in the Amazon that he translates with an online translator. That's how he translated from languages he doesn't even know as if he were a genius but violated the copyright of books already published in English as a guide. Among the trades he made, was selling me by giving them personal information and leaving me stranded on the street in my new destination with all the expenses to pay. Today, that traitor who is Daniel Claudio Bernardo, walks the streets of Buenos Aires as if he were a homeless person when he is not. Of course, the day he dies, everything he has will pass to those who manipulated him to live in prosperity while leaving his ex in total misery. Whoever buys a book from this translator will be buying a fraud and leaving his money to a traitor.

When I wanted to publish a book on how to defeat the coronavirus with medicinal herbs, Amazón blocked the publication. Amazon informed those criminals of what I wanted to publish and they ordered that it not be allowed to be published. The day after I uploaded the publication to my Amazon account I received attacks on my website and email and one of the spam attacks was signed by Bonnie Labrador, an indigenous woman who is part of Mr. Creaser's team.

Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon, a multimillionaire Jew and Mr. Creaser and his team live in abundance, with all the comforts, they do not lack money and can enjoy life while condemning immigrants to live in misery. I am 67 years old, at that age as nobody gives me work I have to live inside my vehicle, I look for food in the abandoned fields and in nature because I am not allowed to live from books that I want to publish.

Everything that happened to me is just another shameful act by Canada that adds to the criminal experiments that government officials did on their citizens:


La odisea de los voluntarios de Suffield | Documentales Completos en Español

in addition to handing over Syrian citizens to be tortured after granting them Canadian nationality.

Canada prides itself on being a country that defends human rights but many acts against immigrants occur within the country and an example of this is what a lawyer did to a Colombian immigrant who attempted to become a terrorist.

(A Man Attacked A Colombian Family With A Baseball Bat And Accused Them Of Being "ISIS"


I am now waiting for the Canadian government to agree to my request for financial reparation for all the criminal acts perpetrated against me by members at the service of the government, and also to grant me a pension with which I can live and be able to treat my health that they deteriorated, and I am waiting for them to tell me what substances were used to poison me, since this information is fundamental to being able to treat me. Recently appeared subcutaneous eruptions in the arms that I am treating with liquorice a plant that has more than 400 bioactive phytochemicals.

I am currently receiving a Canadian pension of about 16 EUR per month. With that amount of money, it is not possible to treat my health that was damaged or to survive. They ruined and destroyed my life because it pleases them.

To those who read this message, I ask you to spread its contents so that others people will stop believing that Canada is the paradise of the world.

These are the gods of Canada and all they do is increase day by day the feeling of hate.



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